What we do

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The AgResearch Animal Ethics Office supports the operation of the Animal Ethics Committee.

We are conscious of our responsibilities and the need for openness and accountability around our research involving animals. 

We undertake research on animals only when there are no alternatives and if so we reduce the numbers of animals used and impact on them as much as possible. 

AgResearch undertakes research on small and large animals and when it does, it meets stringent welfare, safety and ethics standards.

All research carried out by AgResearch involving animals is done so under approval from an independent Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) in line with the Animal Welfare Act (1999: Part 6)

All research using animals must be undertaken under a Code of Ethical Conduct and approved by an AEC.

The operation of the AgResearch AEC is detailed in this Code of Ethical Conduct which is approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Researchers are required to minimise the ethical cost of animal use by applying the 3R's -replacement, reduction and refinement.

Approval is given for research to proceed only when there are clear benefits that outweigh any impact to the animals.

AgResearch provides advice and secure external access to our Animal Ethics System for other organisations within New Zealand who wish to undertake research using animals, and who do not have their own AEC.

For assistance gaining access to this system, please email our Animal Ethics Office.