What we do

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GenomNZ provides a one-stop shop for a range of applications for the sheep, cattle, deer, goat and aquaculture industries.

Our services include:

  • Parentage assignment
  • Breed composition
  • Inbreeding
  • Genomic relationships
  • Single gene tests (click to visit sheep, cattle, and goat pages)
  • Long-term storage of DNA samples

With advances in DNA genotyping technologies, GenomNZ is now offering a range of SNP-based tests containing thousands of markers, including variants associated with production traits and genetic diseases. These specific SNPs can help you to eliminate genetic disease in your herd and increase profitability by breeding animals with favourable production traits.

Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS)

This is a simultaneous genotyping and SNP discovery method that can be tailored to suit your species genotyping requirements. GenomNZ employs both restriction enzyme-based and targeted sequencing GBS methods utilising next-generation sequencing technologies.

For restriction enzyme-based GBS, combining low-depth sequencing with algorithms that produce bias-free genomic relationship matrices we can estimate: breed composition, pedigree, traceability, inbreeding and co-ancestry as well as using directly in existing mixed models (GBLUP) to estimate breeding values. In addition, further developments for GBS analysis has established methods to undertake genome wise association analyses, linkage mapping, estimation of linkage disequilibrium and derivatives such as Ne.

GenomNZ uses this technology for the genotyping of deer, goat and aquaculture samples to deliver parentage, breed composition and inbreeding. Genomic relationship matrices are also constructed for use in genomic selection by several industry groups.

This technology is extensively utilised by the Animal and Forage Genomics Research Teams for over 50 species, including livestock, forage crops, trees, insects, birds, aquatic species (both fresh and salt water) and microbiomes.

For further inquiries on GBS please contact Dr. Shannon Clarke: 

Illumina BeadChips

GenomNZ has access to custom and all publicly available Illumina BeadChips, and can provide routine as well as custom genotyping.

Routine genotyping of:

  • Ovine XT, LD and HD arrays, which include a variety of SNP parentage panels as well as a number of single gene marker tests
  • Bovine XT array, which includes 200 ISAG parentage markers as well as specific genetic defects and production trait SNPs.

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