Who we are

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GenomNZ provides the most comprehensive DNA testing service for farmed species in New Zealand and acts as a valuable link from research to industry.

GenomNZ is the commercial arm of the Animal Genomics Group of AgResearch, based at the Invermay Campus near Dunedin.

The Animal Genomics Group utilises its core capabilities in genomics to identify ways to improve the productivity, health and welfare of livestock for efficient and sustainable animal production.

We have a long history of world-class genotypic and phenotypic tool development to accelerate genetic gain, primarily in the sheep, beef and deer industries. GenomNZ provides a strong pathway to implementation for genetic research outcomes to benefit New Zealand end users.

The laboratory is registered by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), ensuring the highest degree of quality. The laboratory employs a team of highly experienced staff and utilises state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the thousands of samples submitted annually are processed accurately, cost-effectively and with timely results. 

AgResearch has also developed sophisticated proprietary software and customised databases which allow for precise parentage analysis and data recording.

GenomNZ also prides itself on offering a level of service customised to meet a particular customer’s needs. We work closely with farmers, breed societies and breeders to provide specific industry requirements.

The team is now working with New Zealand’s burgeoning aquaculture industry, conducting parentage testing on several species of finfish and shellfish in collaboration with NIWA, CSIRO in Australia and several national and international aquaculture companies.

GenomNZ has also undertaken research and development work for many livestock and aquatic species. Our services are internationally recognised with samples being received from the UK, European Union, Canada, USA, South America, Iceland and Australia.

With advances in DNA genotyping technologies, GenomNZ is now offering new SNP based tests containing thousands of markers, including variants associated with production traits and genetic diseases.

These specific SNPs can help you to eliminate genetic disease in your herd and increase profitability by breeding animals with favourable production traits. These new tests provide high throughput genotyping and the genomic information can be used for genomic selection.

We pride ourselves on our ability to return results to clients that meet their requirements and ensuring that the results make a difference to their breeding and recording systems. We provide a flexible service because we realise that everybody has different needs and we are always keen to talk to our clients and understand their requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss developing a DNA-based assay or service to suit your requirements.