Digital Agriculture

Digital Agriculture
Use of integrated data and innovative digital technologies to help farmers and other sector stakeholders improve production, quality, security and safety. Combining the capacity to analyse data and models with our knowledge of agricultural systems.

We are NZ leading in agricultural decision-making tools and ruminant production. We are world class in animal-based food production systems and ruminant genomics and breeding. 

Our Digital Agriculture Centre of Excellence specialises in:

  • Animal Genomics
  • GenomNZ
  • Computational Agricultural Systems
  • Land Use Function and Evaluation
  • Data Science
  • Agricultural Systems and Reproduction

Contact our team

Dr. Sofia Orre-Gordon
Dr. Sofia Orre-Gordon

Innovation Centre of Excellence Leader
Digital Agriculture
+64 7 838 5802
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Rebecca Redmond
Rebecca Redmond

Account Manager
Dairy On-Farm
+64 3 321 8615
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