Resilient Agriculture

resilient agriculture
Empowering sectors to manage, respond and adapt to both gradual and sudden changes in circumstances or environment, while enabling them to deliver functions needed by farming families, local communities and the value chain.

We are NZ leading in livestock genetic technologies, microbial biopesticides, weed and pest management, and plant-soil microbial interactions. We are world class in border biosecurity, climate change (pasture and livestock systems), endophyte science, forage genomics, phenomics and breeding, plant genetic technologies and ruminant nutrition.

Our Resilient Agriculture Centre of Excellence specialises in:

  • Plant & Endophyte Technologies
  • Animal Nutrition & Physiology
  • Rumen Microbiology
  • Plant Genetics
  • Microbial Solutions
  • Plant-Microbe Interactions
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation
  • Weeds, Pests & Biosecurity

Contact our team

Dr. Linda Johnson
Dr. Linda Johnson

Innovation Centre of Excellence Leader
Resilient Agriculture
+64 6 351 8189
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Megan Skiffington
Megan Skiffington

Sector Manager
Meat & Fibre
+64 27 707 0407
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