Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 5

24 February 2020
Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 5

Episode 5: 

"Resilience in Southland"

If you want to pick a region that has seen a massive change in land use over the last 25 years and to research the resilience in how a change in farm systems has an effect on rural communities, there’s no better than Southland.

With Southland being an intergenerational farming region, as well as the new farmers who'd come in as part of the dairy conversion, they had a richness in their diversity of people who were viewing things from the tourism sector, mayoralty office to the farming sector.

In this episode, host Denise Bewsell speaks to Robyn Dynes, Science Impact Leader at AgResearch and Ronaldo Vibart, Scientist (Biophysical) at AgResearch.

They discuss :

  • How they used multi-agency modelling using a mix of different farm systems and how people bring a range of values to their economic decision making.
  • A major land-use change has a latency to the decision making and has a measured approach as some farmers will be more risk-averse than others.
  • The challenges that our farming businesses are facing now with multiple drivers, not just freshwater, are really challenging the industries that support the farmers, the rural professionals that support them, as well as the farmers.

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