Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 6

2 March 2020
Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 6

Episode 6: 

"Integrated Farm Plans"

By implementing traditional Maori knowledge systems and looking at how we can merge them into Western science, we can gain a new understanding and a new way of addressing some of the science challenges with integrated farm plans which are a lot more of a holistic approach in the management of the farm as a whole.
The farm systems team worked together with Maori Trust, Ngā Uri o te Ngahere, to come up with a really interesting framework for the enhancement of natural resources.

In this episode, host Denise Bewsell, speaks to Estelle Domaniti, Senior Scientist at AgResearch and Garry Watson, Chairman Ngā Uri o te Ngahere Trust.

They discuss:

  • How it's about creating a harmony between two knowledge systems, for instance, if planting for riparian plants why not also plant for bioactive compounds or animal health?
  • Integrated plans are about having more than a myopic view of the outcomes and that the methodology needs to view the changes in its entirety.

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