Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 7

9 March 2020
Heartland Strong podcast: Episode 7

Episode 7: 

"The Future"

In the final episode of the Heartland Strong podcast, the co-editors of the research project look to the future of where they would like their findings and tools taken to not only continue to measure the resilience of communities but allow policymakers to consider the wider implications of their isolated policy decisions on how rural communities will strive or struggle to survive.

In this episode, host Denise Bewsell wraps up the series with Dr Margaret Brown and Dr Liz Wedderburn of AgResearch.

They discuss :

  • The importance of policy conversations to have diversity of thinking, rural proofing all policy decisions and to remember the community-centric effect these decisions will have.
  • Wellbeing indicators are just as important as GDP so it’s important policy has flexibility to deal with the volatility facing rural communities

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