Our Partners

AgResearch works with a wide range of partners in science, education and agri-business to deliver the well-rounded, authoritative research that supports agriculture in New Zealand, and its exports to the world. Partnerships include the sharing of funding and expertise, and collaboration in the science delivery.

What our partners are saying about AgResearch: 

“We consider AgResearch to be invaluable partners in helping us discover the benefits of sheep milk. The team consistently delivers high quality research that ultimately arms us with the knowledge we need to grow our business and build a high-value, sustainable sheep milking industry in New Zealand”

Andrea Wilkins, Spring Sheep Milk Co.

"AgResearch has world class scientists who work collaboratively with us from discovery through to commercialisation and technical support. They definitely add value to our business and innovation process."

Warwick Catto, Ballance Agri-Nutrients