Leading agri-based science innovation

Our purpose is to use science to enhance the value, productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sector value chains to contribute to economic growth and beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.

Our Science

Digital ag
Digital Agriculture
Improving productivity, quality, security and safety of agricultural systems through digital technologies and advanced data analytics.
smart food
Smart Foods
Understanding and designing high-value protein-based foods and ingredients whose intrinsic properties bring demonstrated functional and health benefits for consumers.
Consumer interface
Consumer Interface
Fusing consumer insights with our science and innovation to optimise the design, development, value and uptake of novel agri-food products, technologies, processes and solutions.
resilient ag
Resilient Agriculture
Empowering sectors and communities to respond and adapt to changes in the environment, regulations and economic conditions.
ethical ag2
Ethical Agriculture
Ensuring our agricultural systems align with societal, customer and consumer values and our sector processes are robust and defensible.
Beyong food
Beyond Food
Developing value-added bio-based products from pastoral agriculture bioresources, maximising the utilisation of resources and delivering verified attributes to the consumer.