Science that increases the resilience of food producing systems under a changing climate.

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Our research

We empower sectors to manage, respond and adapt to both gradual and sudden changes in circumstances or environment, while enabling them to deliver functions needed by farming families, local communities and the value chain.

We research ways to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to changes in temperature, precipitation, and the changing policy environment.

Because changes in climate will change the prevalence of pests, weeds and animal diseases, our scientists investigate ways to predict and manage these challenges, too.

Science Areas

Climate Change: Soil and Water Science

Our research focuses on protecting Aotearoa New Zealand's agricultural resources and stakeholders from the impacts of climate change.

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Climate Change: Plant Science

Forages are a key part of our food production systems. As the climate changes, our systems will require forages that are adapted to future climate conditions.

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Climate Change: Animal Science

With ruminants being a major source of greenhouse gases, our scientists seek ways to mitigate emissions, as well as develop animals that are better adapted to high temperature environments.

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Climate Change: Microbe Science

Microbes are increasingly recognised as important contributors to any ecosystem. Food production systems are no exception.

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Systems: Integration and Modelling

Science solutions to adapt and mitigate to climate change have to be effective in a variety of production systems.

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