We play a key role in delivering new knowledge and technologies to support the agricultural sector. Our science areas are interconnected and help create smart, sustainable farming systems, and the most sought-after food and bio-products in the world.

Our science objectives

Food and Bioproducts

Science for added value foods, ingredients and bio-alternatives that fully maximise the use and profitability of agricultural resources.

  • Food

    Fusing science expertise and consumer insights with innovation to understand and design high-value protein-based foods, novel agri-food products, ingredients, processes and solutions.

  • Bioproducts

    Our science supports the development of safe, high-value products using biological resources, including natural fibres like wool. Bio-based alternatives reduce reliance on synthetic materials and create new value streams.

Plants and Animals

Science to support fit-for-purpose plants and animals, insuring profitability, sustainability, and wellbeing.

  • Plants

    AgResearch is at the forefront of improving pastoral agriculture practices and outcomes to position New Zealand as a global leader in the development of environmentally sustainable, safe and ethical pastoral production systems.

  • Animals

    We develop fit-for-purpose animals with minimised environmental footprints and maximised product values, and by developing world-leading animal health and welfare systems.

  • Weeds, Pests and Biosecurity

    We are world renown for our work in border biosecurity and lead New Zealand in microbial biopesticides, weed and pest management, and plant-soil microbial interactions.

Climate Change

Science that increases the resilience of food producing systems under a changing climate.

  • Climate Change: Soil and Water Science

    Our research focuses on protecting Aotearoa New Zealand's agricultural resources and stakeholders from the impacts of climate change.

  • Climate Change: Plant Science

    Forages are a key part of our food production systems. As the climate changes, our systems will require forages that are adapted to future climate conditions.

  • Climate Change: Animal Science

    With ruminants being a major source of greenhouse gases, our scientists seek ways to mitigate emissions, as well as develop animals that are better adapted to high temperature environments.

  • Climate Change: Microbe Science

    Microbes are increasingly recognised as important contributors to any ecosystem. Food production systems are no exception.

  • Systems: Integration and Modelling

    Science solutions to adapt and mitigate to climate change have to be effective in a variety of production systems.

Sustainable Farming Systems

Science to improve the performance of agricultural systems in response to changing environmental, cultural, societal, and economic demands.

Kaupapa Māori

Mātauranga Māori and science woven together for te taiao and Māori communities to thrive.

  • Mātauranga Māori

    We embrace mātauranga Māori by building understanding between science and Māori knowledge systems to enrich our science in a uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand way.

Transformational Initiatives

Science that helps the world transition to new, more efficient, productive and safer agri-food systems.

  • Transforming Sectors

    Providing the underpinning science evidence to support the transformational agenda of the agri-food sector and aid transition to new agri-food systems that enhance societal and environmental conditions.

  • Circular Bioeconomy

    Developing innovation while reducing waste and optimising energy and water-use efficiency in agri-food production.

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