Research to enable maximising value and minimising waste from all resources, from production to consumption.

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A new economic model

A circular bioeconomy is an economy powered by nature. It's a fairly new economic model that emphasises the use of renewable natural capital and focuses on minimising waste, replacing the wide range of non-renewable, fossil-based products currently in use.

A circular bioeconomy relies on minimal inputs of finite resources and maximises the use of regenerative resources, while preventing the loss of natural resources such as soil nutrients and water.

Key concepts:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping resources and products in use for as long as possible
  • Extracting the maximum value from resources while in use
  • Recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of each service life

Our long-term vision is for a prosperous, future-smart, zero carbon, circular agri-food system in New Zealand, where waste has been eliminated and resource use optimised.

Senior Scientist Gina Lucci

Maximise value; minimise waste

We are working to maximise value and minimise waste from all resources from production to consumption by:

  • Quantifying and evaluating the circularity of resource flows through food systems to design out waste and pollution and optimise resource use
  • Develop and pilot new technologies that prevent or re-purpose waste and add value to the food system.

Our long-term vision

We're aiming to deliver 3 main outcomes.

  • Landowners and communities are empowered to manufacture future-smart and sustainable circular agri-food production systems
  • The maximum value from resources is extracted and the value of waste has been unlocked where it cannot be eliminated
  • The transition to a prosperous, competitive and knowledge-intensive circular bioeconomy in Aotearoa New Zealand has been enabled.
  • Additional capabilities

    • Measuring the circularity of agrifood system: Models, metrics, and frame work
    • Food system loss and waste: Understanding behaviours, quantities, and opportunities
    • Circular collaboration: Circular network, innovation platforms
    • News ways of working: Design thinking

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