Science to support fit-for-purpose plants and animals, insuring profitability, sustainability, and wellbeing.

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Our research

We work to develop better forages and precision-bred animal lines with the attributes that meet the requirements of future, diverse production systems.

We are world leaders in pasture and livestock systems, endophyte science, forage genomics, phenomics and breeding, plant genetic technologies, ruminant nutrition and farm biosecurity.

Our science is at the cutting edge of livestock genetic technologies, microbial biopesticides, weed and pest management, and plant-soil microbial interactions.

  • Additional capabilities

    • Agro-ecology
    • Environmental science
    • Infectious diseases
    • Parasitology
    • Plant – invertebrate interactions
    • Animal behaviour and welfare
    • Plant and endophyte technologies
    • Animal nutrition and physiology
    • Rumen microbiology
    • Plant genetics
    • Microbial solutions
    • Plant-microbe interactions
    • Plant biotechnology
    • Climate change impacts and adaptation
    • Modeling
    • Statistics

Science Areas


AgResearch is at the forefront of improving pastoral agriculture practices and outcomes to position New Zealand as a global leader in the development of environmentally sustainable, safe and ethical pastoral production systems.

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We develop fit-for-purpose animals with minimised environmental footprints and maximised product values, and by developing world-leading animal health and welfare systems.

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Weeds, Pests and Biosecurity

We are world renown for our work in border biosecurity and lead New Zealand in microbial biopesticides, weed and pest management, and plant-soil microbial interactions.

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