We have applied consumer and sensory science to better understand the link between the sensory properties of fermented products and Chinese consumer preferences.

Chinese consumer preferences

We have compared the consumer response of recent and long term Chinese immigrants in New Zealand, and of Beijing consumers, and found that recent immigrants (<3 years) are a useful proxy for in-market consumers for early feedback on product prototypes. 

In partnership with New Zealand companies Miraka and Alliance, we conducted focus group studies in Beijing to identify the key sensory drivers for fermented products as targets for developing export products to China.

Focus group participants help identify key sensory drivers of fermented products

Characterising fermented products

We have recruited and trained an expert sensory panel to help characterise the sensory properties of commercial drinking yogurt and those made with made with different bacterial strains, including evolved strains. 

In combination with sensory profiling, we carry out larger scale consumer testing with New Zealand Chinese immigrants to further understand consumer drivers of preference and demonstrate suitability of different microbial strains for New Zealand exporters of fermented foods. 

Trained panelists evaluating yoghurt samples in controlled sensory booths at Feast’s new Manawatu facility.

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