We have developed a non-GMO Accelerated Evolution Technology to enhance important bacterial properties in a food-grade manner.

Accelerating the natural changes

By increasing the rate of change that happens naturally in the DNA, the information coding material inside every living cell, we speed up the evolutionary clockwork.

High throughput phenotyping

Natural changes in the genetic blueprint are always random and it is impossible to direct outcomes towards desired properties. High throughput robotics and powerful biological assays allow us to identify the evolved bacteria with improved properties out of a pool of thousands, in a speed that has not been achieved before.

Below, Dr. Ryan Chanyi explains this technology as the recipient of the 2021 New Zealand Science Early Career Award. 

Sequential evolution maximises desired properties

Subjecting bacteria with improved properties repeatedly to Accelerated Evolution creates a series of evolved bacteria with ever better characteristics until a natural maximum is reached, or the evolved strains reach the targeted improvements for commercial use.

What has changed in the genetic blueprint?

Determining exactly which changes have occurred in the genetic blueprint provides certainty for stability and food safety as well as paves the way for regulatory approval.

We have successfully obtained the approval of New Zealand food authorities for our technology and the evolved strains of commercial interests are being evaluated in commercial products in conjunction with our industry partner. 

Upscaling and fermentation with Callaghan Innovation

Evolved bacteria still need to comply with commercial fermentation conditions. Callaghan Innovation profiles the new strains under commercial conditions and can provide small scale food-grade starter culture options for New Zealand manufacturers. They are currently building further capacity in this space.

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