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GenomNZ offers a SNP based assay for sheep that was designed in New Zealand by AgResearch and is supported by decades of domestic and international research.

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Genotyping Services

This ~60,000 SNP assay was designed in New Zealand by AgResearch and is supported by decades of national and international research. This enables the sheep industry to benefit from science discoveries that have been validated in New Zealand flocks whilst using a SNP based genotyping platform that is fully compatible globally.

The assay provides increased accuracy in your genetic evaluations and includes the NZ SNP parentage markers¹ as well as the gene marker tests² for GDF8 (Meat Yield and Fat Yield), GDF9 (Number of Lambs Born), BCO2 (yellow fat), Inverdale (Fecundity), Booroola (Fecundity), Micropthalmia, Scrapie and other SNP markers currently under validation.

The Sheep Genomic 60K Plus Package includes:

  • Parentage assignment
  • Reporting of single gene tests
  • Genotypes made available to your provider of choice for genomic selection
  • Client ownership of SNP genotypes
  • Client ownership of DNA samples
  • Storage of high quality DNA
  • Database storage of genotypes

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our sheep genotyping service with you to suit your requirements.

Research programme

Over the last decade, advances in DNA sequencing technologies have resulted in a significant drop in genotyping costs. This has enabled the Animal Genomics team to provide the industry with the options of utilising DNA parentage markers for pedigree assignment, marker-assisted selection using DNA markers linked to quantitative trait loci and/or known single gene causative markers, and more recently genomic selection.

Genomic selection uses whole genome molecular markers where the genomic prediction combines marker data with phenotypic data (observable markers) to provide breeding values. Genomic selection enables decisions to be made early in age and on hard to measure or expensive traits. With the release of the 60K chip, the team has achieved genomic selection at a cost similar to that of a “parentage and single gene test” product, succeeding in their aim of providing pedigree assignment, single gene tests and genomic breeding values all delivered from one genotyping product prior to weaning.

The Animal Genomics team continues to provide improvements for the livestock sector in production, animal health and welfare.

  • References

    1 Parentage SNP reference:
    A high throughput single nucleotide polymorphism multiplex assay for parentage assignment in New Zealand sheep. SM Clarke et al., PloS one 9 (4), e93392

    2 Gene test references:

    Gene: GDF8 Trait: Meat Yield and Fat Yield.

    A mutation creating a potential illegitimate microRNA target site in the myostatin gene affects muscularity in sheep. A Clop et al. Nature Genetics, 2006; 38(7):813-8.

    Gene: GDF9 Trait: Number of Lambs Born (NLB).

    A missense mutation in growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) is strongly associated with litter size in sheep. DI Våge et al. BMC Genetics, 2013; 14:1.

    Gene: BCO2 Trait: Yellow Fat.

    A nonsense mutation in the beta-carotene oxygenase 2 (BCO2) gene is tightly associated with accumulation of carotenoids in adipose tissue in sheep (Ovis aries). DI Våge and IA Boman, BMC Genetics, 2010; 11:10.

    Gene: BMP15 (FecX) Trait: Fecundity - Inverdale

    Mutations in an oocyte-derived growth factor gene (BMP15) cause increased ovulation rate and infertility in a dosage-sensitive manner. SM Galloway et al, Nature Genetics, 2000, 25:279-283

    Gene: BMPR1B Trait: Fecundity - Booroola

    Highly prolific Booroola sheep have a mutation in the intracellular kinase domain of bone morphogenetic protein IB receptor (ALK-6) that is expressed in both oocytes and granulosa cells. Wilson T et al., Biol Reprod. April 2001 64(4):1225-35.

    Gene: PITX3 Trait: Micropthalmia

    Microphthalmia in Texel sheep is associated with a missense mutation in the paired-like homeodomain 3 (PITX3) gene. Becker D et al., PLoS One Jan 2010 5(1):e8689. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008689.

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