We recognise that our employees, with their diverse skills, backgrounds, and areas of endeavour, are our greatest strength. AgResearch aims to create a work environment that values equality, diversity, and inclusion by appreciating our differences and supporting every employee to perform at their best.

Mind the Gap

We are committed to reducing our gender pay gap. We have signed on and are committed to reporting on pay gaps to 'Mind the Gap'(external link), Aotearoa New Zealand's first pay gap registry.

We are working collaboratively with the Public Service Associate (PSA) to deliver on the Kia Toipoto Public Service Action Plan goals to close gender, Māori, Pacific, and ethnic pays gaps, and creating a fairer workplace for all.

We made a commitment in 2020 to reduce our gender pay gap. Since then we have reduced the gap year on year.

Year Pay Gap Percentage at AgResearch
2020 17.9%
2021 16.0%
2022 14.9%
2023 14.3%

Gender Equality Plan/Kia Toipoto Plan

AgResearch's Kia Toipoto Action Plan

Our Gender Equality Plan/Kia Toipoto Plan includes actions we will take on how we plan to to eliminate gender inequality and intersecting socio-economic inequalities throughout research and innovation systems, including by addressing unconscious bias and systemic structural barriers.

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Nationwide comparisons

In comparison, from 2018-2021, the Public Service gender pay gap dropped from 12.2% to 8.6%.

The Aotearoa New Zealand national gender pay gap is 11.9%


When assessing the AgResearch pay gap, the following factors need to be considered:

  • We calculate our pay gap annually in February 
  • Average tenure and age continue to contribute to our pay gap.
 Figures as at February 2023 Males



Employee split by gender




Tenure (years)




Average age (years)




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