As a leading science institute, AgResearch is committed enabling a sustainable future for Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

A sustainable future

We’re dedicated to leading agri-based science innovation, including the design and creation of agribusiness systems that respond to environmental, societal, economic and regulatory demands. Our research aims to support diversified landscapes and enterprises that sustain regional economies while operating within the planetary boundaries. This commitment also extends to ensuring our own operational activities are in step with doing what is required.

Climate change

AgResearch has achieved an independent emissions certification from Toitū Envirocare. As a certified Carbonreduce entity, we are required to report our emissions annually and make meaningful emission reductions.  

Our baseline emissions in the FY2018/19 were 17,582 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). In mid-2023, AgResearch approved an emissions reduction targets that align us with the Paris Climate Agreement to limit warming to 1.5°c. These targets are for 2030 and require a 42 percent reduction across energy use of owned assets (fossil fuel and electricity) with a further 42 percent reduction coming from two-thirds of the likes of business travel, staff commuting and investments.  

This is the start of our carbon reduction journey, as we work to do our part to keep global temperatures within a 1.5°c increase.

The main entrance to Tuhiraki, AgResearch's Lincoln headquarters

New, low emissions facilities

Our new Lincoln corporate office and laboratory facility, Tuhiraki(external link), has been designed specifically to reduce emissions, utilising natural ventilation to reduce electricity and the use of refrigerant gasses. The building structure uses 750 tonnes of timber framing and light-weight cladding, saving close to 80% of CO2 emissions compared with a standard steel and concrete build. Tuhiraki also features wool carpets and insulation, for its sustainability benefits, as well as being a nod to our work in the wool and natural fibres space. 

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