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Agriculture is one of New Zealand’s largest export income earners, and AgResearch plays a key role in delivering new knowledge and technologies to support the sector. Our two focus areas of research are in creating smart, sustainable farming systems, and the most sought-after food and bio-products. These are intrinsically linked – without the right systems we cannot help create quality agri-based products, and we know that the consumer also wants to be sure that their choice of product comes without an environmental cost.

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Our Story

We lead New Zealand’s research in many areas including:

  • Pasture-based animal production systems
  • New pasture plant varieties
  • Agriculture-derived greenhouse gas mitigation and pastoral climate change adaption
  • Agri-food and bio-based products and agri-technologies
  • Integrated social and biophysical research to support pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sector development.

Systems thinking is an integral part of our research and development approach. 
Our agricultural systems research


focuses on creating more profitable and sustainable farms and agribusinesses and provides the capacity to understand complex, interconnected agricultural issues.
We are committed to delivering solutions focused on the distinctive needs of Māori in the pastoral sector to assist in increasing the performance of Māori-owned farms. Partnering with Maori means we can learn how we can use the traditional kaitiakitanga approach in other areas.
Our food research and development creates the knowledge and tools to develop high-value foods and ingredients from pastoral-based industries, tailored to market and consumer preferences for quality, human health and well-being.

Our Research

We collaborate with research providers and end-users around the world, and together we develop:

  • Biosecurity, land, soil and freshwater management systems
  • Climate change adaption and mitigation
  • Food and beverage sector 

Our understanding of plant and endophyte technologies, such as metabolomics and epigenetics, leads the supply chain and supports the development of a new generation of livestock and plant-derived products. Our subsidiary Grasslanz Technology takes these technologies to an international market.


Land use and management are studied in relation to environmental impacts and climate change. Improving dairy, beef, lamb and deer production systems is addressed by innovative research on soil and water management, while reducing negative impacts on the quality of soil, water and atmosphere and ecosystems.
Our biocontrol and biosecurity work is on the sustainable management of pests and weeds for the benefit of New Zealand’s pastoral sector and associated environments. Research includes the development of new biopesticides and technologies, and we play a role in making sure our national borders are well protected.

International Collaborations

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Our Publications

Annual Report
Annual Report

Our Annual Report is published each year in October. In it you will find the Audited Financial Statements, the Chair and Chief Executive’s report, reports on our Impact Indicators, Core Funding and other required information.

Half Year Report
Half Year Report

Our Half Year Report is published each year in March. In it you will find the Unaudited Financial Statements and the Chair and Chief Executive’s report.

Statement of Corporate Intent
Statement of Corporate Intent

Our Statement of Corportate Intent is published each year in June. In it, you will find an outline of our Strategic Focus, Impact Highlights and Key Performance Targets.