AgPAC Portable Accumulation Chambers offer cutting-edge solutions for measuring livestock methane emissions on pasture. Designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, AgPAC offers a rapid and affordable alternative to traditional methods of methane measurement for breeding and trial purposes.

Why AgPAC?

High throughput
AgPAC allows for the measurement of large numbers of animals per day, providing quick insights into methane emissions across your herd or flock. This high throughput enables faster decision-making and reduces the time needed for research and testing.

Compared to traditional methods, AgPAC is significantly more affordable, making it accessible to a wider range of researchers, farmers, and industry professionals.

Efficacy Testing
AgPAC is ideal for companies developing methane inhibitors and feeds. It offers a reliable method for testing the efficacy of these products before moving to more expensive trial work.

Breeding for Low Methane
Sheep and Cattle breeders can benefit from AgPAC by using methane emissions as a trait for selection. This allows for the breeding of livestock with lower methane production.

Decision Support
AgPAC provides a preliminary indication of methane emissions, helping you determine if further, more expensive trial work is necessary. This saves both time and resources.

Join the methane measurement revolution

Whether you're a researcher, farmer, or company looking to bring new products to market, AgPAC is your gateway to efficient, cost-effective methane measurement.

Embrace the future of livestock farming with AgPAC.

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