The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre’s goal is to discover, develop and make available practical and cost-effective technologies and practices for New Zealand farmers and growers to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Member organisations

AgResearch is one of nine members of the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) that hold much of New Zealand's capacity and research in targeting the reduction of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. We partner with the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium.

AgResearch hosts the NZAGRC and we are the largest provider of pastoral agriculture research and development.

Goals and objectives

The NZAGRC’s strategic goal and objectives focus specifically on:

  • Reducing emissions of biogenic methane and nitrous oxide from land-based industries, including through land use change and redesigned farm systems
  • Carbon sequestration in agricultural, horticultural and cropping soils
  • Advancing research and development to the point where mitigation solutions can be directly applied by industry or transferred to a third party for delivery/commercialisation.

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