Pastoral Genomics is a New Zealand research consortium for forage improvement through biotechnology.


Biotechnology will provide gains in forage productivity and sustainability while maintaining and enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of our country's meat and dairy industries.

Our strong science, industry-led strategy, and emphasis on application and development will ensure we breed the best new cultivars and place them in the hands of our farmers first.

Pastoral Genomics is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; DairyNZ; Beef + Lamb New Zealand; DEEResearch; Grasslands Innovation Ltd; Dairy Australia; NZ Agriseeds and AgResearch.


To deliver smart, sustainable forages to New Zealand


Pastoral Genomics is working towards 5 targets selected by the meat, dairy and velvet industries of New Zealand:

  1. Minimum 25% increase in forage biomass from cultivars, providing more ryegrass and clover leaf to stock
  2. More pasture condensed tannins to increase animal production, improving the quality of protein received by stock
  3. Improved drought tolerance in forages, including better performance under and more rapid recover from New Zealand droughts
  4. Increased persistence of clovers, allowing them to survive in swards alongside competitive ryegrass and under grazing pressure
  5. Increased quality of forage, improving palatability, energy content, and use of nutrients and water.

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