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GenomNZ utilise genotyping by sequencing (click to learn more) to provide parentage analysis, pedigree construction, level of inbreeding and genomic relationship matrices to facilitate genomic selection in your breeding operation. In addition, we can provide targeted GBS for your single gene traits of interest.

With the advancement of technology, we have begun using ear punches as our primary sample type. These samples are stored in Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) and are taken on farm by using an applicator to punch a small piece of tissue from the animal’s ear directly into the sampling unit. This sample type has been shown to provide both higher quality DNA and potential on-farm benefits. 

The Allflex® TSUs and applicator (where licensing allows) can be bought directly from your local farm supply store as a separate unit or (if you use Allflex tags) can be bought with the tag order allowing the TSU to be linked to the tag, and remove the need for any manual recording. Alternatively GenomNZ™ is more than happy to sell them to you.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our goat genotyping service with you to suit your requirements.