GenomNZ is New Zealand’s foremost commercial animal DNA genotyping laboratory. GenomNZ provides a one-stop shop for a range of applications; including parentage assignment, breed composition, and inbreeding. The laboratory specialises in deer, sheep, goat, cattle and aquaculture.

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Comprehensive DNA testing

GenomNZ is New Zealand’s foremost commercial animal DNA genotyping laboratory offering a one-stop shop for your testing needs.

We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service customised to meet client needs and ensure results make a difference to breeding and recording systems. By working closely with farmers, breeders and breed societies we tailor our service to align with specific industry requirements.

We use sequencing and SNP array testing to help clients identify genetic conditions in herds or flocks and increase profitability by breeding animals with favourable production traits. The high throughput genotyping and genomic information can then be used for genomic selection.

A GenomNZ technician in the lab at AgResearch's Invermay campus

Funding further research and development

As the commercial arm of the Animal Genomics Group at AgResearch, revenue made through GenomNZ is used on further research and development to benefit New Zealand end-users. We utilise our core capabilities in genomics to identify ways to improve the productivity, health and welfare of livestock for efficient and sustainable animal production.

We have a long history of world-class genotypic and phenotypic tool development to accelerate genetic gain, primarily in the sheep, beef and deer industries. AgResearch has also developed sophisticated proprietary software and customised databases which allow for precise parentage analysis and data recording.

Our services

GenomNZ works with AgResearch scientists to ensure that New Zealand breeders have access to leading edge technologies and the continuous update of these genomic tools.

GenomNZ provides a range of applications for sheep, cattle, deer, goat, aquaculture and many other industries, both domestically and internationally.

Our Services Include:

  • Parentage assignment
  • Breed composition
  • Inbreeding
  • Genomic relationships
  • Single gene tests (full suite of genotyping services are outlined below)
  • Long-term storage of DNA samples

Using the latest DNA genotyping technologies, GenomNZ offers a range of SNP-based tests containing thousands of markers, including variants associated with production traits and genetic diseases.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss a service to suit your requirements. Our service application stretches wider than animals and aquaculture.

  • FAQs

    What happens to my samples once they arrive at the lab?

    For a full rundown of our laboratory processes, please see the youtube video above.

    What genotyping platforms does GenomNZ offer?

    GenomNZ routinely performs genotyping utilizing several methods. Please contact us if you wish to discuss additional genotyping methods.

    Illumina iScan – MD and HD chips available
    Illumina NovaSeq genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS)
    Illumina NovaSeq genotyping-in-thousands by sequencing (GT-seq)

    When can I expect my results?

    GenomNZ has specific turn-around times on a per species basis that reflects the technologies and techniques used to genotype those individual species.

    Sheep and Cattle – four weeks from receipt of the samples and accompanying information.

    Deer, Goat Aquaculture - six weeks from receipt of the samples and accompanying information.

    Please be aware that we require a complete submission form, customer account form (if not an existing customer), and animal/sample information form before we can begin processing your samples. For parentage analysis, it is vital we receive a list of all sires and dams used in the mating of those animals. The turn-around time begins once we have received all the required information.


    What happens to my samples once they arrive at the lab?

    The DNA is extracted, purified, and quality checked. It is then batched and processed based on its species:

    Sheep and Cattle – 96 samples are put onto a plate and genotyped on an Illumina iScan

    Deer, Goat Aquaculture – 384 samples are plated and genotyped on an Illumina NovaSeq

    The genotypes are then quality checked and loaded onto our database for analysis.

    Results are then generated and sent back to you.

    What sample types do you accept?

    GenomNZ accepts the Allflex Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) as its sample-type of choice. These are simply a small tissue punch taken from the ear of the animal, much like a visual tag.

    We can supply these in boxes of 10, as well as the Allflex TSU applicator (please contact us for pricing).

    We also accept semen samples but please be aware these come with an additional surcharge.

    For enquires of additional sample types, please email us and we will be able to inform you if the submission of these samples is possible. If so, please beware it is likely it incur a surcharge due to the additional work needed to process them in our lab.

    How do I use the Allflex TSU applicator?

    This link(external link) gives you a full step-by-step guide to using the applicator.

    What is the difference between Wet and Dry TSUs?

    Allflex TSUs come in two varieties, Dry and Wet.

    Dry TSUs – must be chilled after sampling, and frozen at the end of the session. They must then be couriered with sufficient ice packs to keep them chilled during transit.

    Wet TSUs – contain a preservative liquid which protect the sample for degradation. These should be chilled at the earliest convenience and can be couriered at room temperature.

    GenomNZ no longer stocks Dry TSUs.


    For Sheep, should I genotype my sires using a mid-density (60K) or high-density (600K) chip?

    To maintain flock imputation accuracy, B+LNZ Genetics recommends the following:

    • Maternal & Terminal Sires – 50K* or higher is required.
      • Products on the market that meet this criteria are
        • AgResearch 60K
        • AgResearch HD (600K)

    *50K means the standard Illumina 50K that has been used to inform the B+LNZ Genetics imputation panel.

    To help future proof, the AgResearch HD can be used for sire genotyping.

    For breeds that are currently not included in either evaluation, the same recommendations apply.

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