The Giant Buttercup management decision support tool estimates the net financial benefit from a proposed herbicide treatment for Giant Buttercup in a paddock.  

A tool to aid farmer decision-making

The tool is a web-based app for dairy farmers and consultants to aid decision-making, using data on the herbicide responses of Giant buttercup (Ranunculus acris), pasture grasses and clovers combined with user-inputted data to aid in choosing the right herbicide to control the weed in dairy pastures.

The tool requires input values for: 

  • Giant buttercup cover
  • Pasture eaten
  • Cost of herbicide and application
  • Pasture drymatter conversion to milksolids
  • Stocking rate
  • Herd lactation length
  • Clover content
  • Pasture utilisation
  • Cost of fertiliser
  • Milk solids payout


This application was funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries under the Sustainable Farming Fund project with co-funding from industry and regional councils

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