We grow connections between our science experts and stakeholders and provide evidence-based data and market knowledge to help New Zealand's agricultural industry navigate the present and the future.

Fostering effective science-industry collaborations

Our team has expertise spanning both the on-farm and off-farm sectors and we provide links between our organisation and industry.

We form the right teams to create outcomes with real impact; we actively co-design relationships with Māori, industry, farmers, Government, and innovation and research organisations. We then grow and maintain those relationships to ensure effective business development and we're also pro-active and responsive to market needs.

Our critical understanding of AgResearch’s science capability means we are able to find specific solutions to address our stakeholder’s individual requirements.


Strategy Planning

We work with our stakeholders to ensure their future requirements, objectives and constraints are front of mind for our scientists. This means our science is truly aligned to the client’s needs.

More broadly, we work with industry groups to establish collaborations, create momentum and raise awareness. 

Partnering is key

AgResearch defines success through more than just a financial lens - we embrace sustained economic, environmental, social and cultural outcomes.

For stakeholders and collaborators we actively identify a common vision and, in doing so, build engagement, trust, clarity of expectations and understanding of each partner’s key strengths. This creates shared value through adopting principles of co-design and co-innovation, shared risks and responsibilities, and building interdependence.

Our engagement with existing stakeholders and targeted business development with new stakeholders ensures a greater strategic alignment with their priorities and ours. We also actively support significant pan-government, industry and Māori stakeholder initiatives.

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