Smart Foods

smart food
We provide the science expertise that helps understand and design high-value protein-based foods and ingredients. Taking into account the intrinsic properties of these foods, and the biological systems involved, we demonstrate functional and health benefits that address consumer wellbeing across societies.

We are NZ leading in protein and lipid food processing, and food metabolomics.  We are world class in gut microbiology, nutrition and health of protein foods, and companion animal nutrition.

Our Smart Foods Centre of Excellence specialises in:

  • Food Chemistry & Structure
  • Food Technology & Processing
  • Food Functionality - Model Systems
  • Food Functionality - Wellbeing, Health, Nutrition
  • Food Informatics

Contact our team

Dr. Stefan Clerens
Dr. Stefan Clerens

Innovation Centre of Excellence Leader
Smart Foods & Beyond Food (acting)
+64 3 321 8622
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Dr. Li Day
Dr. Li Day

Sector Manager
Food & Fibre
+64 6 351 8608
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